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Best and Worst Zombie Movies with Special Guest Max Groah

Dan sits down with writer/director Max Groah to discuss Best and Worst Zombie Flicks. They also discuss Dan’s problems with The Walking Dead, the new World War Z trailer, Max’s temporary vegan lifestyle, and his upcoming feature and Kickstarter for Bong of the Living Dead. Also, Dan plays for everyone a compilation of all the encouragement he receives from Alec during an episode.

Zombie fans don’t want to miss this episode!




Meeting Evil with Chris Fisher

Alec sits down with writer/director Chris Fisher for a candid interview where he talks about how he made it in Hollywood and his new film Meeting Evil.  The film stars Samuel L. Jackson, Luke Wilson and Leslie Bibb and it hit theaters May 4; don’t miss it!  Also, Alec talks about the meanest prank he ever played in his mom and Dan gets creepy and tells Alec all about his sex life.

Avengers Special

In anticipation of this Marvel blockbuster, Alec and Dan discuss the best and worst Marvel movies. Also, Alec talks about a car fire that he didn’t start and Dan talks about wanting to get fingered. The show has its first sponsor! Click the Adam and Eve banner and get an amazing deal from Adam and Eve!

Best and Worst Death Scenes

Alec may or may not have, slightly misunderstood the topic this week.  While Dan claims that they were supposed to do villain death scenes, Alec doesn’t remember it that way.  So this week Alec and Dan talk about the best and worst death scenes, both hero and villain.  We think you’ll see that, in the end, that’s better anyway.  Also, don’t miss Alec’s story about getting caught lotion-handed by his wife and Dan is still trying to blow himself.

Best of Alec and Dan: Vol. 1

It’s their 30th episode and Alec and Dan decided to recount some of the best stories and funniest moments from the show, so far.  Hear all about Alec’s naked bug hunt, the time he broke a chair in Target, a few of his more memorable, high school sexcapades and the time he smuggled a fake vagina onto an Air Force base.  But the piece day resistance is Dan’s Wendy’s chili story.  Put this in your ears and laugh your ass off.

Special Guest Sean Becker

Alec and Dan sit down with director Sean Becker (The Guild, The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour, Holliston) to talk about what it takes to build an audience and make a career in entertainment.  Also, Dan gets weird about a sexy billboard.

Best and Worst of Eddie Murphy

Alec and Dan discuss one of the most up and down careers of all time.  They also talk about on-camera fellatio and the time Alec saw a live sex show in Spain… it’s a good one.

Best and Worst 90s Comedies

Alec and Dan discuss a truly great era in film comedy.  This, often underrated, decade is one of the best time periods of all time for comedy cinema.  It was also an all time great time period for Alec and he manages to regale us with a tale or two from his teenage years.  Dan, on the other hand, experienced the 90s in a much different way.

SIDE NOTE:  The moment the mics went off Alec remembered what Woody Harrelson said when he was sitting at the bar in Kingpin; he said: “Who you callin a psycho!?”  Hilarious scene… you’ll understand when you listen.

Oscar Special 2012

Alec and Dan share their lists for the top three best and worst, non-Godfather, Best Picture Winners.  Also, Dan gets really mad at Alec for no reason and Alec talks about the TV actresses who drove him crazy with desire when he was a child.

Alec and Dan also announce the brand new Voice Mail Phone Line for the show: 818-44-MMPOD.  Call that number and leave a funny voice mail and Alec and Dan will play it on the show!

Best and Worst Performances by Musicians

Inspired by the passing of a great singer turned actress (Shirley Temple), Alec and Dan discuss the best and worst acting performances by musicians.  Dan also tells us about the time he had a naked girl in his bed and almost lost his virginity when his plans were cruelly thwarted.  Alec reminisces about the time his girlfriend cheated on him by kissing a BMX bike rider.